Hese are medium-sized woodstoves with clean-cut lines and beautiful details. A unique feature of the Scan 64 is that it has doors that can be hinged on either the right- or the left-hand sides, enabling you to choose the door solution best-suited to the location of the stove in the room. The door also has an “easy-lock system”, which means that the door will close fully without you having to turn the handle.

  • „Easy-lock-system”
  • Choice of door hinged on right or left
  • Extra depth in the firebox prevents ash spillage when the door is opened
  • Designed to ensure excellent convection
  • Scan 64-2, 4 and 8 have large glass doors with excellent view of the flames
  • Scan 64-3 and 4 have sides in soapstone
  • Scan 64-7 and 8 have sides in stainless steel
  • The Scan 64 carries the Nordic Eco-label: ”The Swan”

Dane techniczne

Moc nominalna: 6,0 kW
Pow. grzewcza: 120 m2
Długość polan: 30 cm
Wykończenie: czarny
Średnica rury dymowej: 148 mm
Waga: 187 kg


Rzetelna Firma

Dane kontaktowe


tel.: (52) 516 34 44
e-mail: biuro@homena.com.pl
ul. Łęczycka 59, 85-737 Bydgoszcz
NIP: 9531701131

poniedziałek – piątek 10.00 – 18.00
sobota 10.00 – 14.00


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